Co-Founder, The Driver

Robert is a prospective PhD student at the University of Liverpool. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration and logistics in Germany and Mexico. During his studies he gained work experience in global logistics supply chains by working for Kühne + Nagel, one of the biggest logistics and shipping companies, providing logistics services for some of the words largest fashion retailers. For two years now he has called Liverpool his home. Two very eventful years in which he completed master’s in management, which has given him further insights into the strategic management of companies.

Robert was originally born and raised in Berlin, as he describes it “an open-minded city that has developed in recent years, thanks to its multicultural residence, to one of the biggest startup hubs in Europe”. His interest in cultures and travelling as well as exploring entrepreneurial landscapes is a very important part of his life. 

“My curiosity about proceeding to research has always been there and grown over the years of college and now university education. Even during my studies, I got involved in starting my own company and have thereby developed a deeper interest in entrepreneurship. Although I had to put my business plans on hold in the following years to complete my university education, my interest in this area has remained and I am now exploring on entrepreneurial network connection as part of my PhD.”

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