Co-Founder, The Collaborative

Olly is a PhD student at the University of Liverpool and a business consultant specialising in design thinking, culture, leadership and behaviour change. His PhD is focused on combatting modern slavery in global supply chains and is working in collaboration with the UK Home Office, Crown Commercial Service and the Liverpool Combined Authority. 

Olly wants nothing more than to make an impact on the lives of others, especially those in less fortunate situations. This drives him to seek out opportunities to make a difference and brought him to co-design the Liverpool Fashion Summit with Julia and Robert. He aspires to one day write a book on his experiences as a consultant and use his skills to travel the world to improve the lives of others. He has recently reconnected with meditation and is using the practice to become more patient and resilient. 

He splits his time between the UK and the Middle East and calls both “home”. He owns a husky called Saxon and if you can smell oud, it’s probably him.

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